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What are we

Eviltop is a blog where clothes and fashion accessories of Gothic style are displayed. Eviltop is not a manufacturer of clothing or fashion accessories. None of the products published in your blog’s publications are stored or in stock. All products are manufactured by Zazzle and Positives on request. Eviltop has an agreement with Zazzle and Positives for which, for each sale it receives, it charges a commission. All products shown in all your blog entries are purchased at Zazzle stores or at the Positivos store.

Zazzle is an American online marketplace that allows designers and customers to create their own products with independent manufacturers (clothing, posters, etc.), as well as use images from participating companies. Zazzle has partnered with many brands to amass a collection of digital images from companies like Disney and Hallmark. Zazzle claims to have over 300 million unique products listed on the site. More information, HERE.

Positivos is a t-shirt store in Spain that allows designers and clients to create and sell their designs by stamping them on T-shirts. More information, HERE.

General Conditions

All products are sold through Zazzle and Positivos. The prices, shipping terms, returns and delivery of the products are determined by Zazzle and Positives in their respective stores.


At Eviltop we love to hear all your suggestions, questions and comments. We have a dedicated email (eviltopdesign@hotmail.com) where you can contact us, it will be our pleasure to assist you!

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